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I ordered from a new company recently. If you make your rounds ’bout the soapmaking world, I’m sure you’ve heard of Mad Oils. Just for recap’s sake, Mad Oils is a soap supply company that’s really great with supplying vegan fragrances.

But A, aren’t all fragrance oils vegan?

No, actually. Fragrances are made of various components from various origins. You can’t guarantee that the place these chemical components don’t come from an animal origin. Mad Oils understands this, and as such only stocks fragrances that are vegan. Their selection may be small, but the quality is great!

Speaking of, I order three fragrances from Mad Oils. The one I used in this post was their Gourmet Hot Chocolate fragrance. Now I’ll come back to that in a minute because let’s take a moment to discuss Mad Oils and their wonderful customer service.

I received two emails from Mad Oils. One confirmed my order and the other was a shipping notification. Once my order shipped, it was a quick two or three days before I received it. It wasn’t a week before I received my packet. When I opened my box, each fragrance oil bottle was sealed and generously cushioned in bubble wrap. There was no spilling or leaking at all.


I was watching a soapmaking video on my phone while unpacking~

In addition, Mad Oils gave me a sample of their choice fragrance, Earl Grey Tea. They also enclosed a goodie bag of sorts–a little cotton drawstring bag with a tag that had a wonderful quote written on it. And inside?


Mad Oils knows the way to my heart!

Now onto the soap and the Gourmet Chocolate fragrance. OOB (Out of bottle) it smelled like Tootsie Rolls. I caught a hint of chocolate, but not enough for me to call it a chocolate scent. Because I was using chocolate in my recipe, I used full water (38% of my oil weight), low temps, and a moderate superfat. The fragrance soaped like a dream, and I was actually quite surprised. The soap did go through gel phase, and when I tell you this scent completely morphed once the process of saponification finished…

It smells just like cocoa butter. And I’m not talking the Palmer’s Cocoa Butter scent, I’m talking straight up, unrefined cocoa butter. The only difference, and I would even hazard to call it an improvement, is that this cocoa butter scent is a bit more palatable because it’s a sweeter note that unrefined cocoa butter–no bitter backgrounds at all to be sniffed here!!

I used melted 86% cocoa dark chocolate and added it at trace. It, along with the fragrance colored my soap a wonderful, wonderful chocolate. See?


The light was peeking through the blinds in my workplace, and I loved how it played along the soap. I’m no photographer, but still, there’s something about this picture… They look like round pucks of dark chocolate in person!

This soap will be up on the shop come November. Tune in next week for another soapmaking post, more on Mad Oils and my own essential oil combos.


A 🙂


  1. Beautiful soap! I have been eyeing Mad Oils Mica’s for a long time, I cant wait to get my hands on some. What does the EARL GRAY smell like? I know it is a tea scent but does it smell strong enough to withstand CP? I have used Green Tea FO before and while I love the fresh scent it fades in CP quite a bit.


  2. Beautiful soap! I have been eyeing MAD OILS Mica’s for a while now and will buy some asap! Does the EARL GRAY smell like it is strong enough to withstand CP? I buy a Green Tea & Cucumber FO from another company and while I love the fresh scent, it does fade in CP quite a bit.


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