Hello everyone! here!

Today I’ll be talking about two more soaps that will be available come November. They’re pretty, smell fantastic, and they’re chock-full of superb ingredients. I’m gonna talk about each one by one, starting with Ambrosia.


When I knew I wanted to incorporate lavender, rose, and chamomile. I brewed a tea of the three. It smelled so wonderfully herbal, like every floral tea combined. The color was some type of light reddish pink, nothing offensive and nothing that would color my soap strangely. I also decided to throw in some coconut milk because why not? One thing I was unsure about was the addition of french green clay into my mixture. While I knew it would impart a color I wasn’t sure if the color I obtained from the tea would interfere with the green color from the clay. I eventually decided to put it on the side, bring my soap to trace, and see if it was worth putting in then.

I used an essential oil mix to scent this match–a lovely combination of benzoin, lavadin, and 5-folded orange. The mix out of soap is rich, sweet floral that hints at fruity notes. However, once soaped the blend morphed into a lighter scent. It reminded me of something effervescent… like a light grapefruit bubbly soda or something of that sort. Definitely a welcome unexpected scent!


The soaping was easy, nothing special. I textured the tops and added some rose and lavender petals on top. Things got rough when it came to unmolding though. The sides of the loaves were rough, and I was forced to use my cutter to clean up the bars. They’re smaller than I wished for them to be, but they’re gorgeous and smell so wonderful!


After reaching trace. The soap temperature was fairly low, gave me no problems.

The soap did lighten up during trace, and the french green clay played wonderfully with the batch. Once molded, the soap went into gel phase. The color darkened to a deep tan-green-gray.


Molded soap. A comment on one of my posts questioned how I create textured and peaked tops on my soap. I just push the surface of my soap around with a spoon after it reaches medium to thick trace.

I’m very satisfied with this batch even though the bars had to be resized. I think I’ll have to invest in some new molds. The plastic ones just don’t seem to cut it for me at the moment. Le sigh.


A 🙂


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