Hello everyone! here!

Fall is coming up, and I find myself gravitating toward things that remind me of it. I find myself taking more time to enjoy the changing scenery, the way the cold slowly rolls in, and the return of hot chocolate into my diet.

Not to mention the scents. I love rich scents with a hint of spice. Sleepy time scents that promise winter. A citrus mixed with clove. Fall is the time of richness. As colors change from greens to reds, oranges, and purples, we discard the fruits and robust florals for softer, finer things.

The most recent soap I’ve made features one of the most sweet, calming vanilla scents. I added a dash of clove just to add some excitement. It also is a full Brazilian nut milk soap. Brazil nut milk is one of the best nut milks I’ve ever used for soap. Creamy, creamy. Easy to work with. And it offers a great feel to the lather!


The freshly molded soap. I blended it to thick trace, molded it, used a silicone spatula to dollop more soap on top, waited a minute, dolloped another layer, and used a spoon to make tiny pseudo-quenelles that went on the top of the soap. The effect was a stacked type of pyramid of soap. I sprinkled home-dried lavender on top and some Himalayan pink salt. Usually I take a chopstick and poke my “toppings” deeper into the soap so that they don’t move, but for some reason I didn’t this time around.


A snap of the picture entering gel phase.


An interest shot of the unmolded loaf. It discolored to a rich dark brown after gel phase. Que bonita! Peep the fragrance bottle in the background. By this time the smell of the soap filled the entire room. Personally it smells like one of those quintessential holiday candles. So great.


Here’s the finished soaps, pre-beveling.

This is yet another soap that will be ready for purchase come November. There won’t be very many of these, but the first couple orders will receive a sample bar (read: a normal 3.5 oz bar) of this soap! Whoop!


A 🙂

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