Hello everyone! here!

Today is a very special day in Halcyon Baths’s history. It’s the first post about the very first custom order! Whoo hoo!

My customer wanted about 25 bars of soap for holiday presents. She sought me out, asking whether the bars could have a type of mint scent because she wished to incorporate some garden mint she grows at home. I replied, “Of course!” She handed me the mint and I started working on it.

I used a tried and true recipe, this one full of shea butter and coconut oil, with pomace olive for hardness and conditioning along with my old favorite, ricebran oil.

The order starts with the mint. After washing it I decided to make a cold infusion.


I had to break down the mint myself using a part of sharp scissors. I cut the woodier parts of the plants away, leaving the dried tender and newer growth. I also cut off the flowers so that I was working with just the leaves and stems. I also pulled out some dried plaintain and extra grey lavender flowers that I had and added it to the mix.


The tea pre-blending

Blend blend blend. I blended everything together until the water was a promising dark color, which let me know infusion was under way. Then I placed the container into the refrigerator and went to melt down my oils. While they were cooling I whipped up some oat milk, strained it twice for particulates, and measured out the amount I needed. Added the lye, waited for the solution to cool, and then strained it into the lye solution.

Blend blend. Bring up to thin trace and add the scent combo–a mixture of anise and peppermint essential oils. I settled on this scent because the customer expressed that she would like the scent of mint without it being too “minty.” I chose to mix it with anise for a clean, unisex scent. After adding the scent I blended again. Anise essential oil causes the soap to accelerate a small bit but nothing unmanageable.


Just poured soap

Texture with the back of a spoon. I cut the bars in half-inch slices. Before cure every single one weighs about 5.5 ounces. After cure, I’m estimating a weight of 5 or 4.8 ounces.

The soaps will be shrinkwrapped and labeled with stickers. The color of the labels was chosen with the color of the soap and my customer’s gift plan in mind. I chose a salmon color for the labels that would then complement the color of the towels she wanted to wrap the soaps in. Also:


This is a very subtle swirl made from adding kaolin clay to some of the bar. The soap was a little thick, so perhaps I should’ve ran a hanger or a chopstick through it, but I quite like it! We’ll see if the color changes a bit through cure time. They seem to be lightening a bit.

It’s a landmark in Halcyon Baths’s development! I like custom orders; they’re quite fun to make. There’s something about knowing you’re tailoring a soap recipe for a specific person and making it perfect for them! I was so excited for this batch, it was almost strange. Let me know what you think. Anyone also love making custom orders? Talk to me in the comments below!


A 🙂


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