My name is Akeylah. I go by A on my blog. I like soap, gardening, peace, and a whole bunch of other things. I’m sharing my experiences with making natural body care products and anything I find along the way. I particularly like to make soap! I love it when people share similar experiences with me, too. Leave a comment or email me (see my Talk to Me page for the address).

I’m pretty simple-minded and I like simple, natural products. I’m somewhat minimalistic (if that’s a word), and that translates over to my soaps and body care products, too; you’ll never see more than 10 components in any of my recipes!

At best, I post about about three to four posts a week. However, sometimes life crowds in and I have to aim for once every two weeks or so.


A 🙂

One thought on “WHO AM I?

  1. Good morning A. You have a well put together site here. Love the name “Halcyon’.
    Quick question for you. We (gf and I) have been creating beard and shave products for the market place. We started to use soy wax to create shave soaps. We love the final product. However, our distributor carries 4 different grades of soy wax. But for candle making. They arent interested in going above and beyond in helping us select the best soy wax for our shave soaps. The grades are visible on their website….. New Directions….. Im leaning towards container grade.
    Could you make a recommendations?….
    Thanks and much appreciated.
    Patrick and Andrea


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