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  1. Hi A, I’m so glad to have found your blog, I could spend a whole day reading it, you are really generous with all you know. Well, I have a question for you: first of all I must say I love to soap, second, where I live coconut oil is very expensive, $60 per liter, so I usually make soap without it but I know some very important ingredient is missing in my soaps, how do I get those cleansing properties, hardness and bubbles from? I usually soap with palm oil (in South America, we have no problems with orangutans) sunflower oil, avocado oil, castor oil and cocoa butter, and I heve learned to add sodium lactate, unless you tell me that Stearic acid is better. Would you please give me an advice? Thank you very much


    • Hello Annina! (Wonderful name, by the way)

      Do you have palm kernel oil in South America? It has more of a bubble than palm oil. It, along with palm oil, has lots of stearic acid, which contributes hardness and creamy lather to soap.

      I actually have a whole bunch of palm kernel oil that I’m not using–around 10 pounds of it. I can send it to you if you’d like?

      And those are some awesome oils you listed. I love sunflower oil and avocado oil and cocoa butter! I’m curious–is your avocado oil sourced in South America?

      Do tell!


  2. Hi A, thank you so much for your prompt response, no, there is no palm kernel oil down here, just palm oil. Avocado is locally grown and in recent years there’s a company pressing avocado oil for retail. Cocoa butter is easily found as well, because it’s also grown in this country. Hey I really appreciate the gesture of you sending me the palm kernel oil you have, i would just want to know how much would it be? I would send you my address via e-mail, hooe to hear from you soon


  3. Hi A, let me tell you how grateful I am for the palm kernel oil that you sent me. To my surprise it was given to me this morning, when I didn’t expect it! I thought you had forgotten about it, lol, and it’s because nobody told me it had arrived to the address I had given you. Well, it’s so nice of you, very generous, and I appreciate it a lot. Thank you again!


  4. I have really enjoyed your blog. It is informative and very interesting. I love that you share so much soaping information and I have learned a lot. One of these days I want to try soaping with soy wax, totally inspired by your posts of such. Please keep on posting and sharing!


  5. So glad to run across your blog after my weekend trials with making soleseife bars.
    Will definitely use your variations during my next test session.
    I used palm kernel flakes and coconut oil in one 1lb test and colored a portion with activated charcoal.
    The next 1lb test used red palm oil & coconut with beet powder as an additive (did not like the yellow neon color but it was IS rock hard with in 24 hrs.

    Did you test the pH of your salt bars (&/or “brine” bars)? Do you know if the salt lowers the pH? My bars were testing between 7-8 within 36 hours……



    • I didn’t test the pH of my salt bars, however, I would be surprised if salt contributed to lowering the pH of soap. Most salts used in soapmaking are of the sodium chloride variety, and since sodium chloride (NaCl) has no hydrogen or hydroxide ions to donate to the process of saponification. Now other salts with different element concentrations (ie dead sea salt and epsom salt) might have a greater effect on the saponification process, which is why some soapers have problems incorporating them into their soaps (namely, leaking of highly alkaline liquid and/or wet/soggy bars).

      Question: how does the pH of these bars match up to the pH of your non-brine bars within a 36-hour period?

      And kudos to you for achieving a soap pH on the lower side of things! I’d love to try some 🙂


  6. Hello There!!!!,
    I ran across your blog and I am grateful. I am trying to learn to become a soaper…heeeheehee. I want to learn how to make my bars hard….yes I have make lot of soft bars, where to by quality product, decorating the tops, etc. I am a naturalist, I was a vegan for awhile(LOVEd it, LIKEd it) but I eat a little meat. My soap style would be natural colors & scents. Question I love FO options but I don’t know if they fit in a natural lifestyle. I don’t want add anything that would harm my temple. So can you help a Sista out…or just give me some direction, websites, books…my interest is personal for family & friends.I went to mad oil and new direction I love the sites but I don’t know…I use EO and they are $$ especially for soap HELP!!!

    Grace & Peace


    • Hello Ekkle! I love Mad Oils, and I understand your concern on the cost of essential oils! I suggest one or two notes if you use an essential oil. Good ones include peppermint, eucalpytus, and litsea!


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