Hello there!

If you clicked here, you were probably curious how a company like Halcyon Baths came to be.

My name is Akeylah Wellington. I’m a vegetarian that wholeheartedly believes in regulating what goes in and on a body. I’d been making natural body care products for myself and my family for three years before I opened Halcyon Baths’s Etsy shop in January of 2015.

“Halcyon” is a word that’s used to describe what is perfect, idyllic, and happy. I imagine the products I’d like to bathe or moisturize with in the morning to begin a halcyon day. To me, such products are simplistic, vegan, and cruelty-free. They showcase feel-good ingredients that maintain their feel-goodness when applied to the skin.

I’m all about quality ingredients that leave the skin singing. I love discovering new ingredients–an herb, some type of fruit or vegetable puree, a non-animal milk, a luxury oil or butter, an essential oil. I love figuring out ways to incorporate them in a balm, a bar of soap, or a scrub. You’ll never see anything weird save a paraben-free preservative in any of Halcyon Baths’ ingredient lists–no synthetic fragrances or colorants.

I love sharing such products with others. I love the surprised look on a face when I tell people, “There’s dark chocolate in this soap!” And I love the look of understanding when I explain how dark chocolate could benefit their skin.

No, really. It’s quite fun.

Since opening Halcyon Baths, every day is a new experience. I wake up thinking how I can deliver great products to great people and I go to sleep smiling. I love what I do. Isn’t love the best ingredient ever? YUP!

Check out the shop sometime!


A 🙂

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